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- Regular Domestic & Public Sector Cleaning
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- Office & Restaurant Cleaning
- Commercial Kitchen, Events & Night Cleaning
- Shop, Bar, Venues Cleaning
- Ironing Service
- Sofa Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning
- Domestic & Commercial Carpet Cleaning
- End of Tenancy Cleaning
- Window Cleaning, Window, Door, Conservatories Cleaning
- Oven Cleaning, Tile Scrubbing & Grout Cleaning
- After Builders Cleaning, Floor Cleaning & Maintenance
- Hard Floor Cleaning
- Handyman Service
- Garden Service, Patio Cleaning
- Jet Wash, Driveway Cleaning in London and Kent

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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

We at OCEAN Cleaning undertake Kitchen deep cleaning, kitchen ventilation cleaning & kitchen duct cleaning.

The increase in Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations in recent years has reinforced the need for management to ensure thorough kitchen deep cleaning, kitchen ventilation cleaning and kitchen duct cleaning programmes are in place to maintain high standards of food hygiene & safety in catering and food production facilities.

Cooking equipment - Equipment is dismantled by hand, fully deep cleaned and re-assembled. Kitchen Extraction Units - The structure of the canopy is degreased internally and externally. Structure and High Level Cleaning - Lights, ceilings, walls, floors, and all kitchen fixtures and fittings.

Our team are fully trained to a high standard in all aspects of Kitchen Deep Cleaning. This provides them with 'hands on' knowledge and experience required in guiding the client in the type and frequency of the service they may require. Following each kitchen deep clean, we can provide the client with the information regarding the cleaning specification check list, risk assessment, method statements and COSHH details for all products used.

Events & Night Cleaning

Event Cleaning: For us, it's a non event, we do it all the time.

Holding a special event such as a concert, music festival, county show, open air show, trade show, sporting event or business seminar? OCEAN Cleaning can supply our cleaning services pre-event and post-event.

Night Cleaning Services in London and Kent.
Cleaning for a wide variety of unique and unconventional venues, whether large or small.

Isn’t there a better way to deal with all your last minute cleaning chores? As a matter of fact there is and it’s called night cleaning. We offer our services to bars, pubs, clubs, gyms, offices, shops, the public sector, anywhere where cleaning during the day is inconvenient. Services include: Kitchen deep cleans, floor maintenance, carpet cleaning and the many other services all found on this website.

OCEAN Cleaning have exceptional quality night or evening cleaning at moderate prices, so if evening cleaning is the only option then so be it.

One of our aims as a cleaning company is to provide quality night cleaning. We aim at keeping the night service just as efficient and affordable as the daytime service.

The services we offer can be performed on a regular basis for a maintained high level of cleanliness and hygiene, or just as a one-off service if that is more suitable for you. Night cleaning covers the same areas as any other daytime cleaning session, the service runs seven days a week.

We are responsible for providing all the cleaning materials and equipment needed for the cleaning (e.g. vacuum cleaner, mop, bucket, portable ladder) unless otherwise agreed.

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